Individual Rooms

Our Upstairs Space

Upstairs at Prema
Our Upstairs Room is a beautiful, light and airy space that measures 13.5m x 10m (with a half-hexagonal end facing our garden). The space has a flexible seating rake, balcony and resources including a wide range of stage lights and a PA system. This very adaptable, beautiful space is ideal for rehearsals, screenings, weddings, parties and celebration of a loved one’s life, conferences, meetings or training sessions. We would recommend a ceiling of 80 people in Prema’s Upstairs Room. Prices start at £50 per hour but for longer or more regular hires, the price comes down.

The Music Suite

The Music Room at Prema
Prema’s purple music room is an opulent space with a 6’9 Danemann Grand Piano and a refurbished 1920s Belgian chandelier. This 6.25m x 3.7m space is ideal for one-to-one teaching of musical instruments or a rehearsal, teaching or practice space. Prices start at £15 an hour but cheaper for those who want a longer hire or a more regular reservation.

The Pottery

Prema's pottery
Tucked away at the back of the chapel is Prema’s ceramics room – it houses three potters’ wheels, an electric kiln, drying shelves, moulds and the necessary slips, glazes and a variety of clays. The space measures 6.3m x 3.4m and is available for hire with or without teaching from one of our excellent ceramic artists.