“If I come to Uley, what else is there to do?”

Uley has a pub, a village shop and some of the most stunning countryside you can imagine. Just opposite the arts centre is a path that leads you down to a stream (through the Millennium Field) and out towards the Owlpen, Bencombe and Elcombe valleys. If you’re looking to make a real day of it, when why not explore one or more of the surrounding market towns – Dursley, Stroud, Stonehouse, Wotton-under-Edge and Nailsworth. Between them, they boast some amazing eateries, swimming pools and range of independent shops selling local produce and unique wares.

“Is Prema accessible by wheelchair?”

All public areas of Prema’s building are accessible by wheelchair.

“Is there public transport to Prema?”

Not really. There are currently two buses each day – one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. If you’re wanting to visit Prema but do not drive we might be able to help arrange a lift from Cam & Dursley station or for a class, workshop or performance we might be able to broker a lift-share with someone who lives nearby.

“Where do I park?”

We have a small car park that fits around 20 vehicles (if parked snugly). If you need to use the neighbouring streets then please park sensitively – avoiding blocking driveways, double parking or using private drives.

“Do you have a café?”

We don’t have a café but there’s a kettle and a good supply of teas and coffees so we invite people to help themselves, popping some money into the honesty pot to pay for their hot drinks.

“Is Prema child-friendly?”

Absolutely. We very much welcome kids at Prema, babies too. We have a small garden out of the front of the building where you can enjoy a picnic lunch or where the kids can have a run-around.

“Is there an admission charge?”

It’s completely free to view any of our exhibitions. However, donations are always welcome.

“I’m not very arty. Is Prema for me?”

Of course! Prema’s audiences come from all walks of life. You don’t need to be an artist yourself to enjoy the building, our exhibitions, a class, workshop or performance. People who visit Prema come in all shapes, sizes, ages and flavours – why not pop along and check us out. Once you’ve been inside you’ll realize that Prema can, very much, be for you!

“So you’re an old chapel with a garden … Are the graves still out there?”

Yep. The gravestones were moved to the edge of the garden when the building was converted but the graves are still there.

“So is it haunted?”

A few people have a number of theories on that one. If Prema does have a ghost, it’s a very friendly fella who is most welcoming to all visitors!