FAQ – Kids & Families

“Why do I need to fill in a registration form?”

You must fill in a registration form for each workshop or class that your child is attending. We do not keep these details after the event for data protection reasons. The form covers emergency contact information for you on the day, medical details – conditions, allergies or requirements that we need to be aware of, your consent for emergency medical treatment and consent for photographs to be taken. Our registration forms are available to download here, or you can fill one in when you drop your child off for their workshop/class.

It is essential that both your child and Prema know who will be collecting them at the end of the day. Please be aware of the finish time for the workshop/class and be on site in ample time to collect your child.

“Can I drop my child off earlier?”

You are welcome to arrive earlier but you must stay with your child until the workshop or class begins. We do not have enough staff to be able to oversee children in the building outside of workshop/class times.

“Is it ok if I stay with my child?”

If you are concerned about leaving your child we recommend staying in the red room for the first part of the session so you are there if they need you. Though in our experience once the activity begins most children are engrossed and mums and dads are happy to leave. Some parents choose to wait for the whole duration of a class (usually about an hour and a half), if that’s your preference you are very welcome to stay in the red room, have a cuppa and put your feet up!

“My child is younger than the minimum age can they still attend?”

The minimum age is a guide for parents to assess the suitability of the individual workshop or class for their child. In some instances your child may be a year below the minimum age but very confident and able, in which case we are happy for them to attend. Give us a call if you’re not sure.

“What happens at lunch time?”

A day workshop starts at 10am and ends at 4pm, there is usually a morning and afternoon break, with about 45 mins for lunch. Please ensure you furnish your child with a packed lunch, and plenty to drink.

“Does Prema have a code of conduct?”

Prema’s workshops are an exciting, creative opportunity for young people. We ask all of our workshop participants to adhere to a code of behaviour to ensure the safety and happiness of others. Any child behaving inappropriately or putting the safety of others at risk will be required to leave the session.

“Would you ever run that workshop as a children’s party?”

Yes! Prema’s a great place to have a memorable creative party. We can help plan a bespoke event to suit you, take a look here for further details.

“The workshop sounds great, can I come too?”

Yes if it’s a parent and toddler session or a family event. But no if it’s kids only as you may not be CRB checked.

“Has everyone been CRB checked?”

Yes. All the main staff at Prema and anyone running or helping on a kid’s workshop or course have been CRB checked.

“My child has individual needs, is that ok?”

Our building and all our courses and workshops are fully accessible. We are always happy to discuss individual requirements prior to your visit.

“Why do you want to take pictures of the workshop?”

It’s great to have an archive of what’s been happening. From time to time we like to update the pictures on our website, or we need images to promote similar future events at Prema in the press, in our printed programme or in the building. On occasion professional photographers from the local press may come to Prema to take pictures that may be used in their publications to advertise Prema and the activities it promotes.

“Do you have any workshops for under 5s?”

Yes, we try to regularly offer something for our youngest audience members. These are always for parent and child. We do not run anything for under fives on their own.

“The course looks great but I just can’t afford it…”

That’s ok, we can help you find an easier payment solution. We’d hate to think that the price tag gets in the way, we are always happy to figure out a solution.