FAQ – Music

“Can I bring my kids to one of your live music gigs?”

Yeah, we love it when families come along to our gigs and performances. Make sure that your kids want to be there and have a good think about how long an attention span they might have. We respectfully remind all family members that they must consider others’ enjoyment whilst at Prema and therefore a responsible adult will need to keep an eye on the youngsters to ensure that everyone’s evening is delightful.

“What happens if I don’t need all my tickets?”

If you’ve booked and paid for tickets then we are generally unable to offer a refund or transfer. If we reach a sell-out situation we may be able to sell unwanted tickets on but cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to do so – your safest bet if you find that you’re left with spare ticket is to give it to a friend or sell it on to an acquaintance.

“Can I just rock up and get tickets on the door?”

Well, you might be lucky and we’ll have a ticket left for you but so often our music gigs have sold out and we wouldn’t be able to squeeze you in. Your safest bet is to book and pay in advance – that way you’ll be sure to get in.

“Why do you need my phone number when I’m booking in?”

Sometimes things go wrong and we need to contact audience members to let them know that things are running late or that we have needed to postpone an event (very, very rarely). So if you can, let us have a landline and a mobile so that we’re sure to get you in plenty of time.

“How do I pay for my tickets?”

At the moment you’ll need to call our Box Office to do that – 01453 860703 – and we can take payment over the phone using your debit or credit card. We don’t take a booking fee – just the price of your tickets. We hope from January 2013 that you’ll be able to book and pay for everything via this website!

“Will you post me my tickets?”

Prema doesn’t actually print tickets at all. When you arrive at the Arts Centre, give your name and contact phone number and we cross you off our booking list as you arrive at Prema. If you have booked a large number of tickets, please ensure that all of your party knows to give your name when they come to check-in.

“We’re running late, will you let us in?”

We recognize that sometimes time runs away with itself and so will make sure you get in. However, we may ask you to wait for a minute or two until there’s a convenient gap in the gig so that other folks aren’t disturbed.

“Are the seats numbered?”

Nope. People who arrive early tend to get the best choice of seat. If you have a mobility issue and need to have an aisle seat we may be able to reserve that for you but please give us plenty of notice.

“What if you’ve sold out?”

Often we reach our maximum capacity for gigs and shows and we’ll generally add people to a waiting list. If we then have any cancellations we contact people in order from the waiting list.

“What do you mean by a “concessions” price?”

Prema’s qualification for a concession is if you are SOLELY reliant on a state benefit to survive. If you can afford to pay the full price please do so as it often affects the amount earned by the visiting musicians. Please help to keep live music alive by paying what you can afford.

“What is a Friends’ price?”

People who have paid for a Friends’ Subscription are entitled to reduced prices on everything we do in our programme (prices clearly marked on each activity). Individuals who have taken out a subscription to the Friends of Prema are eligible for a reduced price ticket (only the individual member). If you have taken out a Family or Life Subscription then everyone in your party will be eligible for a reduced-price ticket. People find that if they come to just a couple of gigs throughout the year plus one course that they have earned their Friends membership fee back in next to no time.

“One of my party uses a wheelchair – can they get in?”

Sure! All of Prema’s public areas are fully accessible by wheelchair. However, we’d urge you to turn up in plenty of time so that you can park as near the building as possible.

“Where do I park?”

We have a small car park and we’d urge you to park there – you’re all here for the same event and you’ll all be leaving at the same time. However, many people will need to use the streets in Uley for parking and we ask you to park carefully and sensitively – not blocking any drives, double parking or using lanes marked as private. We ask that all of our patrons are vigilant not to park in such a way that South Street (and nearby roads) are made so narrow that other vehicles cannot access their roads and drives. It’s really important that all people visiting Prema park sensitively and intelligently – partly to keep our immediate neighbours happy, but also make sure that any emergency vehicles are able to get through.

“Is there a bar?”

Yup, we have a bar in the Red Room on the ground floor of the Chapel. Generally, we stock lagers, wines, bottled beers and soft drinks. Occasionally we have a barrel of the very fine Uley Bitter for sale too. The bar is generally open 30 minutes before the start of the show. The bar is run by Imogen and Adam who will also be able to make you a delicious barista coffee, cup of tea or a delicious hot chocolate. There will be cakes, flapjacks and some savoury options for a light snack too.

“Can I get anything to eat while I’m there?”

Oh yes indeedy, there are delicious cakes, pastries, flapjacks as well as some hot and cold savoury options. Delicieuse!

“What time will it finish?”

Generally our gigs start at 8pm and go on until around 10.15/10.30. If you know that you’ll need to leave earlier then we’d suggest that you park on the main street in Uley so that you can make a swift exit and get home in time.