FAQ – Workshops

“Can I come on the first session to see if I like it?”

When booking a place on a course or class we need you to pay for the entire term or session. We are unable to offer taster sessions.

“How do I sign up for a class or workshop?”

You can do that by calling Prema’s office on 01453 860703. We hope in 2012 that you’ll be able to book everything directly from our website.

“I’ve double booked myself, can I get a refund?”

We are only able to give a refund if the activity is sold-out unless there are exceptional circumstances. If we are able to offer a refund, we will take 10% of your booking fee. However, please remember that we are generally unable to give refunds.

“Is everybody going to be much better than me on the class?”

Everything we do at Prema is suitable for all levels of dexterity and experience. The likelihood is that the course will be attended by some people with almost no experience and some who have quite a lot of experience. All of the artists running participatory sessions are enormously experienced and will make you feel welcome, empowered and comfortable whatever your level!

“Is there homework?”

Not “homework” as such although sometimes you might be set a few assigments to help consolidate your learning or for you to try out some of your newly discovered skills back at home.

“Do I need to bring my own materials?”

Some of our courses need you to bring specific items. If you need to bring anything along we will have spelt it out clearly in the information about the course as listed here. We try to devise courses which don’t need you to necessarily own (or need to buy) lots of kit and materials.

“I don’t have any experience, can I still come along?”

Of course, we’d love to see you. And you’ll be made to feel most welcome.