Creative You

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Not sure where your work is going or how to move your creative practice to the next level? These 1:1 sessions with our very own education officer and artist Abby Conway are a great opportunity to help you positively direct your work and channel your creativity.

What’s on offer
Creative Assignments: bespoke one-off briefs or weekly assignments to get you making and doing and not procrastinating!

Feedback: constructive criticism and discussion to help direct work, develop skills and explore new pathways both conceptually and practically.

Portfolio Surgery: a portfolio spring clean or reorganisation. Help with planning for interviews or securing commissions. Ideal for those looking to go on to foundation courses or study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Advice: General advice and support to help you develop and extend your portfolio and expand your budding, creative entrepreneurial business.

Sessions start at £35 per hour and take place here at Prema.