Seriously Gifted

Seriously Gifted – 1:1 Learning

Plimpsole - one of the images from Imogen Harvey-LewisThe brilliant artist and illustrator Imogen Harvey-Lewis offers individual tuition for children who have a keen interest or particular talent for art and who want to develop their creative skills much further. Rather like learning to play music, Imogen will be offering bespoke lessons that are tailor made for the student, encouraging and developing interest and ability with exercises given to pursue/practise at home.

What’s on offer

Drawing Skills : explore a variety of materials and techniques. Learn how to achieve a range of effects that will enrich and diversify your existing skills.

Illustration: learn to communicate through your art. How to say what it is you are trying to say. Work towards the development of your own style. Looking for clarity and consistency through exploration.

Graphic Art: enjoy a tour of techniques and methods widely used in the graphic art world from traditional crosshatching to the contemporary graphic novel.

Paper Animation: put your drawings to work in a series of simple exercises to bring the 2D into the realm of the 3D, to make your drawings move, and adapt your skills off the page.

Art History: learn by looking. Take a good look at a range of artists and their drawing and design techniques. Understand their basic principles by putting them into practice yourself.
Jump StArt: perfect for the terrified artist. A gentle introduction to the principles of drawing along with some simple, achievable drawing exercises will help you to gain confidence by the minute. No longer will you need to say ‘I can’t draw to save my life’.

These private lessons are offered at an hourly rate for individuals. Alternatively, the price can be shared by a group (maximum of 3) wanting to focus on the same skills.

 Lessons are priced at £25 per hour – this does not include materials. Students will be advised of materials to invest in; alternatively these can be purchased from the tutor.

For more information or to book an initial lesson, call Prema on 01453 860703.