Resident artist

The Illustration Studio – Imogen Harvey-Lewis

Prema is delighted to be offering a free studio space to illustrator and maker Imogen Harvey-Lewis. Imogen is a very, very busy woman. She’s often dotting around the South West to deliver workshop, exploring new outlets for her illustrations and hugely lovable sock creatures as well as developing a host of new opportunities for her graffiti collective – Polite Graffito.

Imogen explains a little about her work –

“In my work I am not afraid to tackle issues but I prefer to do so in a sideways manner. My work aims to appeal to its audience by reflecting back their own underlying feelings about some of the bigger issues in life. In my drawings I try to capture the bits in between that which is obvious. You don’t have to say “I love you” to show that you mean it. The immense vocabulary of body language and expression can say it all.”.

Imogen’s drawings are instantly recognisable – they’re playful, cheeky and yet astonishingly tender. All her work is made with such love and attention to detail. Imogen is available for commissions and is often beavering away in her studio at Prema. Her work will be available for purchase on The Prema Dresser in the Autumn of 2011.